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Residents are expected to participate in research during their residency. In the beginning of the PGY-2 year, every resident will meet with the department chair, program director, and associate program director. At this meeting, the resident will either identify a project in which they wish to be involved or they will develop a new project in conjunction with the associate program director, who will be responsible for coordinating research activities. The program will assist residents in identifying a mentor in their area of interest. The resident, working with this faculty member, is expected to participate in all aspects of the project including background research, IRB approval, data collection and analysis, and manuscript preparation. Each resident will be expected to complete one piece of scholarly activity during residency. The associate program director will ensure that all residents comply with the scholarly activity requirements.

Resident participation in the project must be significant and at a level that would meet authorship criteria. Publication is not necessary to receive credit for this requirement. The goal of the program is that residents will complete a research project and submit an abstract to a national meeting or publish a manuscript. The program director and associate program director will grant credit for completion of this project. Completing a research project is a criterion for graduation.

To assist residents with their research projects, our department will employ a research coordinator to assist with patient enrollment and data collection. The hospital also employs a full-time statistician who is available to all residents to assist with their study design and data analysis. In addition, as part of Northwell Health, residents have access to the resources and expertise of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. The associate program director will oversee all projects and ensure residents take full advantage of the resources available to them.

Research skills are a key component of the residency curriculum. Formal research lectures are included in the curriculum and will include the following topics:

  1. Performance of research (including ethics, design, statistics, and presentation of data)
  2. Understanding of basic research methodologies
  3. Evidence-based scientific principles
  4. Interpretation and critical analysis of medical literature

In addition, principles of research practice will be discussed and reinforced in Journal Club, as well as other elements of the academic program.