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Residency in Pediatrics at Staten Island University Hospital

Letter from the program director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Residency Program at Staten Island University Hospital. Our program is unique in that although it is a relatively newer program, we have had many years of teaching and fostering pediatric residents and medical students rotating through our hospital.

Our goal is to be a training program that allows you to pursue your passion in pediatrics while developing outstanding clinical, academic and leadership skills. We strive to train residents to become excellent pediatricians; we base all the program’s curriculums and goals on the recommended ACGME Competencies and newly developed Pediatric Milestones.

Residency is also a time when lifelong friendships are created. I truly believe the spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and tight bonds between the residents forms the true foundation of our Pediatric Residency Program.

Please enjoy the online "tour" of our training program, and I look forward to the possibility of meeting you in the future!

Cynthia Chang, MD
Program Director, Dept of Pediatrics

Frequently asked questions

When do you start accepting applications?
The day ERAS opens (typically September 15 of each year)

When do you stop accepting applications?
Around mid to late December of each year.

When do you start interviewing?
Late October.

When do you stop interviewing?

If I am granted an interview, will you contact me?

If I am not granted an interview, will you contact me?

At what point should I assume I will not be granted an interview?
If you have not heard from us by about the middle of January, you should assume that you will not receive an interview for this year.

Do you accept international medical graduates?

Do you offer preliminary positions?

Do you offer categorical positions?

Do you offer a transitional year?

Do you offer couples matching?
Yes. If you are granted an interview, please let us know at that time.

In which matching programs do you participate?
NRMP only.

Do you offer "prematching"?

Are there specific USMLE/COMLEX score cutoffs?
No, but we generally look for candidates whose scores are at least "average."

Is there a specific graduation year cutoff?
There is no specific cutoff for your graduation year. However, we prefer candidates who have recently (within 5 years) graduated from or are currently in medical school or graduate medical training. Those candidates that have completed medical school or other form of training AND are currently in FULL-TIME clinical practice are also eligible for application.

Is USA experience required for international medical graduates?
No, but it is very favorable to have this experience. A letter of recommendation from the site is required for us to include this in your application.

Do observerships count toward USA experience?

Do you offer observerships or externships?

Does a research rotation count toward USA experience?
No. We are looking for clinical experience. However, research experience is an important factor that we consider. Also, USA experience is NOT a requirement for eligibility.

Do you sponsor J1 and H1b visas?
We only sponsor J1 visas, the resident is responsible for fees.

Should my personal statement follow any format?
No. However, you should address any gaps in schooling, training or employment.

If I have more questions, whom should I contact?
Please search through the remainder of our website to answer your questions. However, if you still have unanswered questions, please contact [email protected]


Our mission is to offer the best pediatric and children’s healthcare services in a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment.

We pride ourselves in offering the finest in primary general as well as subspecialty pediatric care to the children in our community. Our department includes physicians with extensive experience in a broad range of specialties, who bring impressive clinical expertise to the care of each and every young patient entrusted to our care. We also work closely with pediatric surgeons, urologists, other surgical specialtists and anesthesiologists in the care of children requiring their services.

Some of the specialized services offered include:

  • State-designated Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Intensive Care unit
  • Conscious sedation services for advanced imaging studies
  • Video EEG service for patients with seizures
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation of infant breathing disorders including on-site multichannel sleep studies
  • Dental care for children with chronic medical/developmental disabilities
  • Radiology studies under the direction of board-certified Pediatric Radiologists
  • Diagnostic/treatment services for pediatric cancers
  • Comprehensive management for children with diabetes and endocronological conditions
  • Evaluation and transitions of gastrointestinal diseases and nutritionl problems
  • Comprehensive care of pulmonary diseases

Whether care is administered in the Children's Emergency Center, the Intensive Care Units, the inpatient unit, the Nursery, or the various ambulatory sites, the family/patient is always the center of care. Parents are encouraged to take an active role and participate in all decisions pertaining to the care of their chidlren.

In order to insure seamless care between the hospital and ambulatory settings, we maintain constant communication between our staff and the community providers. All patients on the Pediatric floor, Pediatric ICU and Ambulatory Services are cared for by our Pediatric physician residents under the close supervision of our Pediatric faculty hospitalists, intensivists and specialists who facilitate the care of all children and remain available to assist the community Pediatricians in any aspect of inpatient care. Newborn infants in Labor and Delivery, the Neonatal ICU and the Regular and Observation Nurseries receive round-the-clock care from on-site Board-Certified Neonatologists, Pediatric Residents, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

If you desire additonal information, please call the Department of Pediatrics at (718) 226-9360.

Vital statistics

  • Pediatric Inpatient Admissions - Over 1,700/year
  • Annual Births - Approx. 3,000/year
  • Emergency Department Pediatric Visits - 20,000/year
  • Inpatient Beds - 20
    • Close Communication with Community Pediatricians
    • Hospitalist Service
    • Newly Renovated Unit
  • Pediatric ICU Beds - 4
    • Conventional and High Fequency Ventilation
    • Pediatric Trauma
    • Complex Medical and Surgical Admissions
    • Video EEG
  • Neonatal ICU Beds - 11
    • Conventional and High Frequency Ventilation
    • Inhaled Nitric Acid
    •  Multichannel Breathing Disorders; Apnea, Gastroesophageal Reflux, ALTE
    • Family Centered Care
  • State-of-the Art Care in Clinical Subspecialties
    • Gastrointestinal and Nutrition
    •  Endocrinology
    •  Infectious Diseases
    •  Pulmonary Medicine
    •  Pediatric Neurology
    •  Pediatric Urology
    •  Pediatric ENT
    •  Behavioral/Developmental
    •  Pediatric Surgery