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Residency in Pediatric Dental Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital

The Staten Island University Hospital Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program is hospital-based with a strong emphasis on the integration of clinical service with didactic knowledge. Extensive exposure to all aspects of pediatric dental care is available, including well children, developmentally disabled children and adults, minor and major trauma and operating room exposure.

All dental specialties are represented and residents are exposed to and actively participate in orthodontics, growth guidance, endodontics, general anesthesia, sedation techniques and oral surgery. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible for certification by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

The Staten Island University Hospital, Department of Dental Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry Residency is a 24-month, hospital-based, residency program leading to a certificate in Pediatric Dentistry upon completion. Three new positions are available each year. The program is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Training includes both clinical and didactic components with the goal of upon completion of the program, graduates meet eligibility requirements for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Examination and are board eligible in pediatric dentistry.

The goals of the program are to provide foundation knowledge and educational experiences in pediatric dentistry through diverse experiences in all aspects of pediatric dentistry clinical care as recognized by the specialty. The program instills in the resident all the values and beliefs of the healthcare provider and assures they have the skills to be responsible for care of the growing child. Graduates become skilled as the primary care provider for the pediatric patient from infant, child, and adolescent and for the special needs patients. As a strong component of the hospital organization the graduate is able to fully integrate into the medical community. The program experiences foster interest in community service, organized dentistry and dental education.

Trainees in this program experience:

  • Extensive hands-on clinical experiences in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, operating room techniques, and pediatric emergency procedures
  • Large patient population, including not only well children, but mentally and physically challenged children, adolescents, and adults with special needs
  • Interaction with other medical and dental graduate programs. Practice management and private office considerations


The pediatric dental residents partake in rotations through the Department of Anesthesia and the Department of Pediatric Medicine. In addition to the rotation in the Department of Pediatrics, the pediatric dental resident attends lectures sponsored by the Department of Pediatrics, as well as rotation through the Pediatric Emergency Department.

The pediatric dental residents attend and participate in meetings of the craniofacial disorders program. They assist in the auxiliary and follow-up therapies for cleft palate and lip patients.

We offer a full range of dental services for adults and children, including cleanings, dentures, extractions, fillings and root canals.

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Courses, lectures seminars, intra-hospital department rotations, clinical rounds and conferences are the didactic aspects of the program.  Hospital rotations in Pediatric Medicine, Anesthesia and the Emergency Department serve to integrate the Pediatric Dental resident into the hospital mainstream.

Full-time coverage of clinical activity is provided through board-eligible and board-certified pediatric dentists. Consultants in other specialties are available to guide residents in a multidisciplinary approach to pediatric dental care.

Didactic training includes lectures on pediatric dentistry, growth and development, orthodontics, prevention, sedation techniques, radiology, oral pathology, bio-statistics, special patient care and pharmacology. Journal Club and Literature Review, and Treatment Planning Seminar supplement the didactic program.


The clinical training in pediatric dentistry is divided between two facilities. Well children are treated in the newly constructed Bay Street Dental Care Center, while those patients with special needs are treated in SIUH Dental Care Center and Operating Room Suite where conscious sedation and general anesthesia are used to render comprehensive dental care in a dedicated dental procedure room.. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is taught in the SIUH Dental Clinic. The 14 treatment rooms at the SIUH site and the 6 rooms at the Bay Street site are equipped with Nitrous Oxide delivery units, Both sites have intraoral and extraoral digital radiographic equipment and dental laboratory.

Application process

Applicants interested in the pediatric dentistry residency at Staten Island University Hospital should apply through the ADEA PASS system. Applications are due no later than Oct. 15 of the year preceding matriculation. 

Essential application information includes:

  1. DDS or DMD from an accredited American or Canadian Dental School. Must be eligible for temporary license in New York state
  2. Three letters of recommendation (Submitted through PASS)
  3. Dental education transcripts (Submitted through PASS)
  4. Personal interview
  5. Prior General Practice Residency experience 

This is a 24-month program commencing July 1 of each year. Graduates receive a certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. Residents receive stipends of $63,000 plus fringe benefits as a first year resident and $66,000 plus fringe benefits as a second year resident. Three new positions are offered each year.


Michael D'Anna, DDS

Specialties: Orthodontics

Michael J. Donato, DMD

Specialties: Orthodontics

David C. Hoffman, DDS

Director of Service - Director, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Dentistry - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Staten Island University Hospital

Specialties: Oral / Maxillofacial Surgery

Joel Langston Manley, DDS

Specialties: Dental Medicine

Leona Kotlyar, DDS

Specialties: Pediatric Dental Medicine

Stella Nashtatik, DDS

Specialties: Pediatric Dental Medicine

Michelle Guimenta, DDS
Attending, Pediatric Dentistry

John Lavinio, DDS 
Attending, Oral Surgery & Oral Pathology

Leona Kotlyar, DDS 
Attending, Pediatric Dentistry

Lisa Nguyen, DDS  
Attending, Pediatric Dentistry

Lisa Lazarra, DDS
Attending, Peditratric Dentistry

Anthony Lopresti, DDS
Director, TMJ Pain

Active attendings

Joseph Abbadessa, DDS

Lisa Alli-Lazzara, DDS

Mouner Amer, DDS

John Atlas, DDS

Val Atsen, DDS

Deanna Barranco, DDS

Mark Castanza, DDS

Michael Costa, DMD

Jeremiah D'Anna, DDS

Michael D'Anna, DDS

Giorgio DiVincenzo, DMD

Michael Donato, DMD

Michelle Flanigan, DMD

Michelle Giumenta, DDS

Peter Glavas, DDS

Deborah Gries, DMD

David Hoffman, DDS

Melani Kapetanakos, DMD

Minah Kim, DMD

Leona Kotlyar, DDS

Peter Koys, DDS

Peter Kullman, DDS

Charles Leo, DDS

Jeffrey Linden, DMD

Christopher Madison, DDS

Joel Manley, DDS

Phyllis Merlino, DDS

Jacqueline Mikhly, DMD

Stella Nashtatik, DMD

Rebecca Orlick, DDS

Donald Ratcliffe, DDS

Steven Ratner, DDS

Raymond Remuzzi, DDS

Steven Schwartz, DDS

Joshua Segal, DDS, MD

Robert Seminara, DDS

Mark Severino, DDS

Dmitry Shapiro, DMD

Stephanie Trottnow, DMD

Kathleen Van Vorst, DMD