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Residency in Emergency Medicine at North Shore University Hospital & Long Island Jewish Medical Center (NS/LIJ)

The Residency in Emergency Medicine at North Shore University Hospital & Long Island Jewish Medical Center (NS/LIJ) is a two campus, fully accredited residency. It was formed in 2016 when at North Shore University Hospital—an Adult Level 1 Trauma Center—and Long Island Jewish Medical Center combined their two well-established EM residencies. The three-year Emergency Medicine Residency is based at both hospitals with significant clinical experiences at Cohen Children’s Medical Center (a Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center) and one month at Maryland Shock Trauma.

In addition to the clinical experiences you expect of any great training program, our residents have access to expertise in EMS and disaster management, toxicology, international medicine, sports medicine and ultrasound by working with fellows and attendings in these fields every day.

Residents also obtain varied clinical experience with a diverse patient population (both urban and suburban) that includes the underserved low socioeconomic level as well as those patients with complex, multi-specialty disease. Although the hospitals are only 1.7 miles apart, their cultures, patient demographics and payer mix vary greatly. People seeking care at these hospitals come from all walks of life and all parts of the world, with a tremendous range of medical conditions. This diversity offers our residents experience in a wide spectrum of pathology and management. 

Additional information and the program curriculum are available at TheEMpulse.

Our emergency departments offer board-certified emergency medicine physicians equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries.

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Letter from the program director

Dear prospective resident, 

I love my job. After 20 years as an emergency physician, there is still joy in the same things that I loved about the field when I was a student: the challenge of seeing an undifferentiated patient, the team mentality, the satisfaction of really helping people in their hour of need. The fact that I have been able to teach and mentor residents through that same time period is just the icing on the cake.

Residency should give you what you need to be the best physician that you can be. It represents the culmination of a journey that started in college and lasted eight years. What you learn in residency, the type of physician you become, will set the tone for your entire career.

Your job in picking a residency is to pick a place where you can thrive. You should find a program that has the resources and supportive environment you need to help you become your best. It will be hard work, but you should expect to come out the happy successful physician you want to be.

Creating the best resident educational experience takes an understanding of emergency physicians. They are smart, dedicated and interested in learning with a drive to be the best. They often learn best by doing, so the clinical setting has to contain high acuity patients and a diverse case mix. Good “bedside” or clinical case-based teaching is essential. The dedicated educational time should cater to the adult learner. It should consist of constantly changing settings and styles of educational activities with additional online content for the curious. It should also maximize the use of simulation and procedural labs to give the hands-on learning that we love.

The community that has evolved at the Hofstra-Northwell Emergency Medicine Residency is the kind that I love: many different personalities melding into something that is better than its parts. Residency is not like “Survivor” or “Chopped.” You can’t get voted off the island. We are all in this together. We take care of each other, we laugh together and we learn.

If you are inquisitive and enthusiastic, come and see who we are. I look forward to meeting you. 

Tom Perera, MD
Associate Chair of Education and Training, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell


Thomas B. Perera, MD

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Pinaki Mukherji, MD

Specialties: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine

Mathew Jared Nelson, DO

Specialties: Emergency Medicine