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Current fellows

Class of 2018

Joonho Park, Winthrop University Hospital

Anam Siddiqui, Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Nishita Parikh, Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Jamil Ibrahim, Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center


Class of 2019

Joji James, Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Neelofar Khan, Coney Island Hospital

Fatima Sheikh, Saint Michael's Medical Center

Alia Hasan, New York Methodist Hospital

Scholarly activity

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What makes the experience at Northwell nephrology so spectacular is that our active research faculty are also our clinician educators. As fellows, we were privileged to round each day on the wards with experts in dialysis, glomerular disease, and fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Those same world experts and master clinicians would be there with us on the weekends, on call at night, at our conferences, and in our clinics. Northwell nephrology is an encouraging, warm, and welcoming place where young physicians can learn to develop into outstanding nephrologists. I have no regrets about choosing Northwell and I would do it again.

Daniel W. Ross, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Nephrology
Hofstra Northwell Health School of Medicine
Class of 2016

Northwell Health Nephrology Fellowship Program, in my opinion, is one of the best training programs in the nation. It offers a well-structured learning environment. Most of the nephrology programs in the country lack outpatient dialysis experience which is essentially bread and butter of any nephrology practice. The biggest strength of the program is that it provides a perfect mix of inpatient and outpatient (dialysis unit) rotations. The faculty here is excellent and super friendly. They are fully dedicated towards fellow’s teaching. They have incorporated innovative and interesting methods of teaching which prepare you well enough to face the boards. There are ample amount of research opportunities be it basic sciences or clinical. Besides, Long island is a beautiful place to live in. After finishing my fellowship, I feel well trained and confident to practice as a nephrologist.

Jyotsana Thakkar, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Nephrology
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Class of 2016

The fellowship program at Northwell Health is one of the best, well-rounded academic programs in NY. You get a thorough experience in inpatient, outpatient (hemodialysis unit, PD, and clinic/ office) as well as transplant. You get great lectures/ conferences to prepare you for independent practice as well as help you pass your boards. All the attendings are very supportive and have your best interest in mind. I am truly grateful for my experience at this great academic Nephrology fellowship and can truly say it has prepared me for independent practice.

Jeny Varghese, MD
Park Avenue Nephrology, NY
Class of 2016

As a recent graduate of the Hofstra Northwell nephrology fellowship program, I can honestly say that the training I have received has fully prepared me for independent private practice. The faculty members are always readily available and create a friendly and nurturing environment that focuses on educational progress of each nephrology fellow. I wholeheartedly recommend the program without reservation to prospective fellows interested in achieving their full potential.

Nirav Mehta, DO
Park Avenue Nephrology, NY
Class of 2015

Any nephrology fellowship program will provide a decent education, but the distinction that sets Northwell Health apart is its amazing faculty. The nephrology faculty is a diverse group of physicians that were supportive, inspiring, and engaging. I will always be grateful for the training I received at Northwell.

Sam Leung, MD
Queens Nephrology Associates
Class of 2015

I am currently practicing in a 7 Physician Nephrology practice in Queens, NY. I can say with confidence the educational and clinical experience provided during the fellowship had me fully prepared to be an attending. The faculty is very dedicated and devoted for the fellows to learn and grow to become exceptional nephrologists. I have no reservation recommending this fellowship.

Seyyar Khan, MD
Queens Nephrology Associates
Class of 2015

I was an internal medicine resident at Northwell Health before I decided to do my nephrology fellowship there. The decision was easy. When rotating through the nephrology elective as a resident, I found the faculty incredibly approachable, supportive, and enthusiastic. As a fellow, I was free to express my thoughts without any fear of ridicule. Learning was a pleasure with all of the innovative and fun teaching methods that were routinely used. I am a better physician today because of all the mentoring and guidance that was so freely given.

Louis Spiegel, MD
Program Director, Traditional Rotating Internship at Southampton Hospital
Assistant Medical Director, Southampton Hospital Regional Dialysis Center
Class of 2014

I am currently working in an academic institution as an assistant professor. I am also involved in a leadership role in outpatient dialysis unit. I'm involved in ASN onco nephrology forum. I firmly believe that my fellowship at Northwell prepared me to perform these roles efficiently. Our faculty is very dedicated and committed towards the education of the fellows. I had a variety of clinical experience along with bench research experience during my fellowship. Almost 4 years out of fellowship, I still look up to my mentors at Northwell. The training provided a great platform for me to excel in an academic career. The outpatient dialysis experience is one of its kind and prepares for the real world.

Divya Monga, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Nephrology
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS
Class of 2013

I completed my nephrology fellowship from Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine in June 2012. I can say with utmost confidence that training at Northwell gave me all the skills necessary to grow into an independent nephrologist both as a scientist and a clinician. In this day and age where most fellowship programs are being run as a part of a corporate structure, Northwell had a different approach under the leadership of the likes of Drs. Steven Fishbane, Pravin Singhal, Hitesh Shah, Kenar Jhaveri, Azzour Hazzan to name a few. They are invested deeply with their fellows helping them shape a better academician and a better person overall. They have collected objective data and feedback from fellows/residents both from inside and outside the program and have reshaped fellowship training along with resident’s nephrology training exposure as well. They have also employed unconventional ways of teaching and learning. The patient population is very diverse both ethnically and socio-economically and gave me a broad exposure to all different kinds of patients and diseases. Didactics/lectures are impressed upon and faculty participation and mentorship is excellent! There is ample opportunity and mentorship both for clinical and basic science research. For those considering the program for their training, I would strongly recommend it - it will train you no matter what cards you are dealt with as a future nephrologist.

Arun Chawla, MD
Advocare Nephrology of South Jersey.
Class of 2012

The nephrology training at Northwell is a perfect balanced mix of clinical and research experience with available excellent mentorship in all the areas. I felt confident in private practice immediately after completing the fellowship training. If I get a chance to do it all over again, Northwell will no doubt be my top priority.

Hitesh Patni, MD
Florida Nephrology PLC, Orlando, FL
Class of 2012

Life on Long Island

The flagship fellowship of Northwell Health is located on Long Island, in western Nassau County. Recreational opportunities abound, with abundant choices of parks and beaches. The cosmopolitan life awaits, with downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan only a half hour away by car or train. Great housing choices, excellent transportation, and rich cultural diversity create a dynamic place to study, work and live.