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Fellowship in Sports Medicine (Ortho) Lenox Hill Hospital

Lenox Hill Hospital Department of Orthopaedics offers a comprehensive, ACGME-certified, one-year fellowship program in sports medicine.

The primary purpose of the fellowship is to augment the education of orthopedic surgeons in important areas of sports medicine, including exercise physiology, pathology, epidemiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, rehabilitation, trauma, and statistical analysis. In addition, an emphasis is placed on research projects that are either clinical or basic science, in conjunction with the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma (NISMAT), which offers facilities for physiological and biomechanical research.

The program provides an opportunity in traditional orthopedic sports medicine areas, such as a large number of arthroscopies of the knee and shoulder, knee and shoulder ligament reconstruction, and general patient care in an active sports medicine clinic. Both nonoperative and operative treatment of sports injuries is extensively covered. The fellow is also expected to be involved in the resident teaching program.

A significant portion of the fellowship will be devoted to research. Fellows are required to complete an in-depth publishable research project. Fellows are also involved in direct care, including profiling, pre-and postoperative care and weekly rounds and coverage of a number of athletic teams, including professional football, hockey, and a college program that has a large number of sports, dance, and aquatic programs. A thesis is mandatory.

During the fellowship, there will be ample opportunity for the fellow to apply his or her training to the development of research projects that will contribute to the existing body of knowledge.

The Orthopaedic Institute offers a full range of services for illnesses and injuries affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

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Application process

Applicants interested in the sports medicine fellowship training program at Lenox Hill Hospital should apply through the San Francisco Match, which allows applications starting Sept. 1. There is one fellowship position available for an orthopedic surgeon who has completed an accredited orthopedic residency training program.

No applications are reviewed after Dec. 10.

Essential application information includes:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Four (4) letters of recommendation
  • USMLE Step 1,2 and 3
  • Application completed through

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Elliott Bruce Hershman, MD

Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

Stephen James Nicholas, MD

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery

Benjamin Byrd Bedford, MD

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery

Srino Bharam, MD

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery