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Fellowship in Nephrology at Staten Island University Hospital

The Division of Nephrology at Staten Island University Hospital is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The division includes a two year clinical fellowship program designed to provide comprehensive training in clinical practice as well as transplantation, hypertension, and dialysis.

The mission of the nephrology fellowship program is to provide a high quality educational and research experience in the field of nephrology. The process shall involve regular teaching by the members of the Division of Nephrology and the program director. The program provides an in-depth exposure to clinical nephrology and extracorporeal treatments in inpatient, critical care and outpatient settings.

Since the start of the nephrology fellowship program there have been 10 graduating fellows. Our fellows come to our program after completing their residency at hospitals all over the country such as: Staten Island University Hospital, New York University, Seton Hall Internal Medicine Residency Program, Coney Island Hospital, and the University of Nevada School of Medicine (Las Vegas).

Our graduates have been very successful in their careers after completing their nephrology fellowship program. The majority of the graduates are now nephrologists in private practice or in hospitals in New York, West Virginia Texas and Georgia. One graduate was accepted to the Renal Transplant Program at Emory University in Georgia and is now a faculty member there. Two graduates have pursued careers with companies such as American Access and Eli Lilly and Company. Dr. El-Charabaty, the program director, was also a graduate of the program and another graduate has just joined our faculty.

Staten Island is a borough of New York City, and is only 25 minutes away from Manhattan. Staten Island University Hospital is easily accessed by car, bus, ferry, or train. Affordable housing is available in the quiet communities that surround the hospital grounds.

Our clinicians, educators and researchers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care, while continually pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

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Clinical inpatient rotations

  • Consultation Service - Interventional and consultative support (including CVVH) for patients in the intensive care units (MICU, SICU, CCU) and general internal medicine wards.
  • Hemodialysis Service - Care for patients on the chronic hemodialysis who are admitted to Staten Island University Hospital
  • Transplant Service - Transplant rotation performed at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for three months as a second year fellow. 
  • Elective - Each fellow will have one month elective per year of their choice.

Outpatient rotations 

The fellow will spend a half-day session weekly attending an outpatient clinic in which they will learn to manage patients with transplant, hypertension, CKD, and vascular access issues.

The fellow will also spend three months per year in the outpatient dialysis unit. They will be involved in patient care and be trained on multiple aspects of daily tasks of an outpatient dialysis unit.

Application process

Our fellowship accepts two fellows each year following the completion of a three-year general internal medicine residency.

Applications are invited from physicians who have completed an ACGME accredited three-year residency program in internal medicine.

Please submit your application on the ERAS® (Electronic Residency Application Service) for applicants.


The nephrology fellowship program is an ACGME accredited program at Staten Island University Hospital that offers two years of training in general nephrology.

The fellowship consists of a comprehensive training experience in all aspects of clinical nephrology, including acute and chronic hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy, peritoneal dialysis, renal transplantation, hypertension, and all forms of fluid, acid-base, and electrolyte disturbances. Nephrology fellows will become adept at the placement of temporary vascular access for hemodialysis and percutaneous native and transplant renal biopsy. In addition, fellows will receive instruction and mentoring in nephrology research with protected time to engage in meritorious activities.

Fellows are afforded protected time to conduct clinical research throughout the duration of the fellowship. Each fellow is assigned to a teaching nephrologist who serves as a mentor for the development and successful completion of a research project.

The fellows are encouraged to develop their consultation skills by means of experience in the delivery of lectures, the evaluation of patients, and the development of teaching slides and educational files.


Fellows in the SIUH Nephrology Fellowship Program take part in a variety of conferences covering a broad selection of topics.

  • Monday - Journal Club
  • Tuesday - Core Curriculum
  • Tuesday - Board Review
  • Thursday - Clinical Case Presentations
  • Friday - Grand Rounds
  • Once monthly - Research Conference 


Elie J. El-Charabaty, MD

Program Director - Program Director, Nephrology of Medicine - Nephrology, Staten Island University Hospital

Specialties: Nephrology, Internal Medicine

Suzanne Elia El-Sayegh, MD

Associate Chairman - Associate Chairman of Medicine of Medicine - Nephrology, Staten Island University Hospital

Director of Service - Director of Nephrology of Medicine - Nephrology, Staten Island University Hospital, Residency Program Director - Program Director, Internal Medicine of Medicine - Nephrology, Staten Island University Hospital

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Fellowship coordinators

Patricia Callahan
Staten Island University Hospital
Department of Medicine
500 Seaview Avenue, Suite 225
Staten Island, NY 10305
Phone: (718) 226-9459
Email: [email protected]

Jackie Sestito
Staten Island University Hospital
Department of Medicine
500 Seaview Avenue, Suite 225
Staten Island, NY 10305
Phone: (718) 226-9459; (718) 226-8168
Email: [email protected]


1st year fellows

  • Sallit, Shadi, MD
  • Zaraket, Hanna, MD

2nd year fellows

  • Masood, Raja, MBBS
  • Syed, Rafeel, MD


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