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Fellowship in Nephrology at North Shore University Hospital & Long Island Jewish Medical Center (NS/LIJ)

The principal goal of the Nephrology fellowship program is to prepare fellows for careers in clinical practice as well as academic medicine. It is designed to have fellows achieve a high level of competence across all six core competencies and provide fellows with:

  1. A strong clinical foundation that will allow them to practice independently and provide high-quality care to patients while continuing to pursue self-directed learning
  2. The skills to be able to teach their peers, fellows, residents and students in the venues that they will work
  3. A background in research that will allow those who wish to pursue this pathway the opportunity for a productive investigative career in either clinical or laboratory research.

The program is designed to prepare fellows for careers as practicing nephrologists as well as for careers in academic medicine.

Our clinicians, educators and researchers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care, while continually pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

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This department serves as a resource to facilitate accreditation of programs as well as recruitment and onboarding of residents and fellows.

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