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Fellowship in Joint Preservation and Adult Reconstruction at Lenox Hill Hospital

The Fellowship in Joint Preservation and Adult Reconstruction at Lenox Hill Hospital offers physicians exposure to a high volume and variety of reconstructive surgical problems. Fellows work closely with attending orthopedic surgeons at Lenox Hill Hospital to learn the principles of evaluation, nonoperative treatment and surgical procedures involving the hip and knee. Fellows also rotate to Long Island Jewish Valley Stream and Southside Hospital to further enhance their educational and surgical experience.

The fellowship director, Giles R. Scuderi, MD, has established a core faculty, which includes nationally and internationally recognized surgeons, and has developed a curriculum for each of the major surgical procedures and outpatient experience with "specialty-specific" educational milestones. The curriculum incorporates the six general competencies outlined by the ACGME. It is the goal of the program to develop our Joint Preservation and Adult Reconstruction fellows in each level of competency throughout their fellowship year. The fellowship is structured as a mentorship program with direct engagement with the attending faculty allowing for an extensive clinical experience covering partial knee replacement, primary and revision total knee and total hip arthroplasty, and joint preservation procedures including arthroscopic surgery, cartilage enhancement procedures and ligament reconstruction.

Fellows are exposed to new innovative technologies in joint arthroplasty including patient-specific instrumentation, computer navigation and robotic surgery. The academic program includes orthopedic department grand rounds, joint arthroplasty conference and journal club. Additionally, the fellowship emphasizes clinical research and provides resources for original work. It is expected that each fellow complete at least one research project that will ultimately be accepted for presentation at a national meeting or accepted for publication in a peer review journal.

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Application process

Applicants interested in the Joint Preservation and Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Lenox Hill Hospital should apply through the San Francisco Match, which allows applications starting Sept. 1. There are five fellowship positions available for orthopedic surgeons who have completed an accredited orthopedic residency training program.

No applications are reviewed after Dec. 31.

Essential application information includes:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Four (4) letters of recommendation
  • USMLE Step 1,2 and 3
  • Application completed through

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Giles R. Scuderi, MD

Vice President - Orthopaedic Service Line,

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Joint Reconstruction

Elliott Bruce Hershman, MD

Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine