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Application process

Prospective trainees may apply to one categorical residency or fellowship program. You may apply to the same categorical program at more than one Northwell Health hospital location, if available. Prospective trainees should complete their application using the appropriate third-party application service. Each Graduate Medical Education program will provide application instructions and deadlines. 

Application materials

All applicants for the Northwell Health residencies and fellowships must include the following materials as supporting documentation:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement of professional goals and accomplishments
  • Copy of medical or dental school diploma, as well as any graduate school diplomas
  • Letters of recommendation
    • At least three letters of recommendation from physicians or faculty members who are familiar with your work. These letters must not be more than six months old. If you have had prior residency training, ask your program director for a letter of recommendation. Each letter should include the writer’s opinions of your professional, academic and personal qualifications.
    • A Dean’s letter of recommendation from your medical school is also required.
  • Official medical or dental school transcript
  • Official test transcripts for all applicable examinations
  • ECFMG certificate for applicants who graduated from a medical school outside the United States or Canada
  • Copy of completion certificate for each of your prior residency or fellowship training programs