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Graduate Medical Education

Our clinicians are dedicated to passing their knowledge on to future nursing and medical students. That’s why we offer residency programs that prepare young medical professionals for a full range of obstetrical services through valuable, real-world experience from seasoned professionals. We focus on education services so we can continue to spread, grow and share our capabilities.

Our physicians in training gain the knowledge and experience necessary to treat a wide range of gynecologic conditions and become dependable and compassionate providers of women’s health care.

Residencies in Obstetrics

At the completion of the four-year training program, our residents are able to provide comprehensive care to their patients in all aspects of obstetrics. Learn more.

Fellowships in Obstetrics

At Northwell, we're caring for patients and serving a community of 8 million people, all while discovering the latest medical and scientific advancements—and training the doctors of tomorrow. Learn more.

Research and clinical trials

Our experts are devoted and diligent about perfecting the most advanced and current obstetrical care techniques available. That’s why we have the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. The Feinstein Institutes are a central part of the creative collaboration that fuels our continuous growth in obstetrical treatment. Our experts work together to give life-changing medicine a new meaning. That means we are committed to advancing the science behind groundbreaking cures and treatments, and devoted to perfecting the newest surgical techniques.

When you choose Northwell, you’re choosing a group of passionate professionals that relentlessly work to improve care through life-changing clinical trials and research.

Learn more about our clinical trials.