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About clinical placements

Northwell Health promotes and supports lifelong learning. As such, we host thousands of nursing students at all levels of practice across our health system each year. Our nurse preceptors receive specialized education on preceptorship and are knowledgeable, dynamic and best in class when it comes to care delivery and supporting the growth and advancement of fellow and aspiring nurses.

In order for nursing students to engage in an experience at Northwell, there must be an agreement between the School of Nursing and Northwell Health. An “experience” refers to a clinical experience, research study, doctoral study project, quality/performance improvement project, capstone, practicum or preceptorship.

Schools of Nursing interested in developing an agreement can send their request to [email protected]

Please note: Nursing programs leading to licensure or state certification (RN, NP, CNM, CRNA, CNS) must be registered with the New York State Department of Education (NYS-DOE). Verification of nursing programs registered with NYS-DOE is located at

There are three types of clinical placements:

  1. Clinical groups with an instructor
  2. Individual preceptor placements (non-APRN) – (BSN, MSN, doctoral)
  3. Individual preceptor placements for APRN students – (NP, CNM, CRNA)

All clinical placement for all of Northwell Health is arranged and approved by the nursing clinical placement team at the Institute for Nursing.

Contact us

If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Flu portal instructions

All nursing faculty and nursing students participating in clinical/field/on-site experiences at a Northwell Health site (including in-patient and out-patient settings) must have their flu vaccine status entered into the flu portal. The school will designate an administrator who will receive information via email with instructions on when to begin entering faculty and students’ flu vaccine status and instructions on how to use the portal. Students may not enter flu vaccine status into the Northwell Health flu portal.

To request access as a school administrator, visit and click "student administrator."

Click here for frequently asked questions about the flu portal.

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