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Outstanding nursing doesn’t just happen—it’s cultivated
We provide an environment that is nurturing, supportive, understanding, motivating and inspiring. Opportunities for continuous learning and growth are part of our culture.

About the Institute for Nursing

Conceptualized in 2000 and formally announced in 2004, the Institute for Nursing (IFN) was created to enhance the image of nursing, promote progression of nursing practice, and realize the full contribution of nurses in health care.

Our mission

The mission of the Institute for Nursing is focused on the promotion of health and quality patient care through the advancement of nursing science at every level of practice.

We do this by integrating nursing research, education, professional growth and outcome studies. We strive to empower nurses to share and enhance their knowledge, expertise and potential within a supportive and focused environment. We intend to facilitate a system-wide standard of care and a national model for nursing practice.

Ready to advance your nursing career? We're always looking for caring, qualified nurses to join our team. 

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Northwell Systemwide Nurse Residency Program

Northwell Health has launched its systemwide Nurse Residency program!

All Registered Nurses with 6 months or less experience will be enrolled in this unique program designed to support a smooth transition into professional practice. This year long program, which begins with an in depth orientation, helps new graduate nurses attain and maintain the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to provide safe care to patients and families and successfully navigate through the first year as a Registered Nurse.

The program, which is run by experienced Nurse Educators, includes both in person and online professional development sessions, skills assessment and practice, development of a clinical project and in depth learning of evidence based practice.

Nurse Residents will have an opportunity to socialize and interact with peers and with leaders, while learning about topics such as patient and family experience, critical and analytic thinking, quality care, ethics of care and much more!

To contact the Northwell Health Nurse Residency leadership team please email [email protected].

Nursing fellowships

We offer a variety of fellowships for those looking to complete their specialty training. Click on the links to learn more about each fellowship opportunity. 

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Nursing highlights

Download our booklet to learn more about the nurses at Northwell Health and what their work means to them. 

Sharon holding a certificate of nomination at a Northwell event
From Nurse to Patient: Sharon’s Challenging Year

After 25 years of caring for our patients, operating room nurse Sharon Evans-Das became a patient herself. Watch the video to learn more about her experience.

Vivian Buccino, RN, has carried life experiences—including the loss of her son—into her work as a charge nurse at South Oaks Hospital. Learn about her work here.


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