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Northwell Health offers pediatric nurse fellowship programs for nurses interested in working in pediatric intensive care, pediatric hematology and oncology and pediatric emergency medicine.

These fellowships are open to both recent graduates and experienced nurses. The pediatric nurse fellowship program offers a focused specialized education to prepare the novice pediatric nurse to work in high acuity pediatric areas with a focus on the acutely ill child.

The program includes three major components:

  • Patient simulation experiences through the use of technically enhanced, anatomically correct mannequins such as SimBaby™, SimMan™, SimMan Essential™, SimMan 3G™ and SimJunior™
  • Didactic experiences and professional seminars including comprehensive pediatric assessment, developmentally focused pediatric patient care management, interprofessional collaboration and family centered care
  • Direct care assignments that include hands-on experience working with infants and children under the guidance of a master fellow, senior associate fellow and associate fellow

Application process

Applicants interested in the William Randolph Hearst Critical Care Nurse Fellowship should apply through Northwell Health's career portal. Applicants must be New York State RN-licensed or permit eligible and willing to make an employment commitment for 24 months.