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Making the transition from accomplished physician to physician leader takes more than strong clinical skills—it requires a fundamental shift in thinking. To be highly effective, physician leaders must be able to understand how key decisions will impact every facet of our rapidly changing healthcare environment.

This program provides top-performing physicians with the skills to excel in the clinical realm and lead the transformation of care. Over the course of two years, physicians receive exposure to the organization’s top leaders and extensive training across multiple disciplines through internal and external educational opportunities. Internally, we offer business-related courses taught by the Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) and by physicians and leaders in the health system. Partner institutions, such as Harvard University and Cornell University, also offer our participants the opportunity to attend courses. Other academic institutions partnering with us to provide additional educational options vary by year.

Participants leave the Physician Leadership Development Program with the skill set necessary for highly visible leadership positions.

Application process

Individuals must be nominated by their site or service line executive leaders and must demonstrate both the ability to provide excellent service and the potential to lead the organization in transforming the environment and delivery of care. The yearly nomination process occurs in August and is coordinated through the Talent Management Department and the Physician Leadership Institute. For a nomination form, please contact [email protected].

Program cohorts


David Almeleh, MD

Mark Auerbach, MD

Jahn Avarello, MD

Anthony Caporaso, MD

John Chelico, MD

William Gehrhardt, MD

Craig Greben, MD

David Hiltzik, MD

Leonardo Huertas, MD

Valeriy Kraydman, MD

Kazunari Kuno, MD

Natalie Meirowitz, MD

Joseph Milano, MD

Mangala Narasimhan, DO

Michael Nimaroff, MD

Albert Villarin, MD



Daniel J. Baker, MD

Marie Barilla-Labarca, MD

Andrew Blaufox, MD

Christopher Campese, MD

Deepak Desai, MD

Ethan Fried, MD

Karen Gibbs, MD

David Glatt, DO

Azzour Hazzan, MD

Joseph Lau, MD

Tara Liberman, DO

Leonardo Lopez, MD

Andrew Menzin, MD

Yasser Mir, MD

Kate Nellans, MD

Rafael Ortiz, MD

Tony Philip, MD

Samar Raza, MD

Sadia Riaz, DO

Annabella Salvador, MD



Robert Andrews, MD

Allison Barrett, MD

Omar Bholat, MD

Beatrice Bloom, MD

Zenobia Brown, MD

Jerry Chang, MD

Gregory Garra, DO

Sanjey Gupta, MD

Francine Hippolyte, MD

Vinu Kurian, MD

Evangelos Loukas, DO

Susan Maltser, DO

Deborah Mensch, MD

Derreck Raimo, MD

Karin Rhodes, MD

Neil Tanna, MD

Biana Trost, MD

Jamie Ullman, MD

Sarah Vaiselbuh, MD

Jill Whyte, MD

John Young, MD



Karen Abrashkin, MD

Tobe Banc, MD

Loukas Boutis, MD

Judith Brenner, MD

Jean Cacciabaudo, MD

Saurabh Chandra, MBBS

Kush Dholakia, MD

Adnan Hasanovic, MD

Veena John, MD

Joshua Kern, MD

Nancy Kwon, MD

Gregg Landis, MD

Nancy Lavine, MD

Chika Madu, MD

Benjamin Schwartz, MD

Richard Stumacher, MD

Anupama Subramony, MD

Abraham Taub, DO

Allen Toles, MD

Jeannine Villella, DO

Nina Vincoff, MD

Jay Yelon, DO



Margaret Andersen, MD

Olawumi Babalola, MD

Ami Baxi, MD

Jonathan Blau, MD

Brian Blaufeux, MD

Derek Brinster, MD

Jason Chinitz, MD

Peter Finamore, MD

Anuj Goenka, MD

Youssef Hassoun, MD

Sophia Jan, MD

Falguni Kalra, MD

Devon Klein, MD

Linda Kurian, MD

Adam Litroff, DO

Christine Mullin, MD

Vihas Patel, MD

Neubert Philippe, MD

Vijay Shetty, MD

Ross Wank, MD

Alex Williamson, MD

Jeffrey Zilberstein, MD