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The High Potential Development Program is Northwell Health’s internal talent pipeline. It is an important way the organization identifies, develops and promotes top talent from within, and aims to help these aspiring leaders bring their passion and ambition to the work of achieving the health system’s organizational goals.

The program is based on a thorough analysis of workforce development needs and is designed to align individual learning opportunities with business outcomes across all levels and disciplines. It provides potential leaders with the opportunity for broader exposure to senior leadership and the organization at large, a chance to develop a network of peers, feedback on strengths and development areas, external executive coaching and a focused approach to professional development. 

Participants have the opportunity to engage broadly and deeply in a variety of functional areas by quickly rotating through roles, projects and experiences. After completing a 360 degree assessment and skills gap analysis to target areas for growth, participants submit a development plan. Stretch assignments linked to organizational strategy allow for repeated assessment as high potentials share goals, interests and experiences with their managers throughout the program. All high potentials participate in individual and group coaching sessions led by Destan external executive coach. In these sessions, they receive feedback and support focused on individual growth. 

Participants are invited to attend both internal and external development and networking events, which provide opportunities to interact with executives and to develop a network of interprofessional peers. In addition, the program engages senior leadership in the tasks of teaching, mentoring and acting as role models for participants. These interactions help ensure that each high potential receives maximum exposure to promotional opportunities system-wide, while providing executives with exposure to internal candidates who are highly qualified for job openings.