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Programs and services

The Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) serves Northwell Health’s diverse and growing workforce of 66,000 employees, including administrators, physicians, nurses, technicians, case managers and food service workers, among others. To meet the needs of all the departments throughout the health system, CLI offers numerous programs and services.

Learning initiatives

To guide employees in best practices, the Center for Learning and Innovation uses hands-on, interactive approaches, including simulations, games, reflective debriefing, interactive technology, role playing and group activities. 

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Clinical transformation

Every year, healthcare institutions around the country spend millions to bring in consultants to help analyze and improve processes. Northwell Health managers can avoid such expenses and get a more in-depth understanding of their teams’ needs by attending courses offered by the Center for Learning and Innovation. In courses on a variety of operational performance solutions, managers can learn everything from conceptual underpinnings to implementation.

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Patient Safety Institute

Clinical education is vital to reducing medical errors and infections. The Patient Safety Institute features sophisticated, full-scale patient simulators with computer-based interactive technology. These simulators allow learners to explore a multitude of medical scenarios that can occur in diverse areas of healthcare. The institute can adapt courses to the needs of learners at all clinical levels, as well as those in allied health professions.

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Physician Leadership Institute

Building a strong partnership with physicians across the health system is integral to providing exceptional healthcare. As a major part of that effort, the Physician Leadership Institute supports the professional and personal growth of Northwell’s employed doctors, those in Northwell Health Physican Partners and community physicians. 

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Emergency Medical Institute

The Emergency Medical Institute is New York’s premier emergency medical education venue. Located in New Hyde Park, the institute offers training programs for emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

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Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

The Zucker School of Medicine combines the strong clinical and graduate medical education programs of the health system and the robust academic offerings of Hofstra University. Students can also explore studies conducted at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, the research arm of the health system. This multi-faceted approach provides a sturdy foundation for an excellent medical education.

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Bioskills Education Center

The Bioskills Education Center is a 6,200 square-foot state-of-the-art education facility that brings the latest operative techniques to attending physicians, medical students, residents, nurses, surgical technologists and others in the medical field.

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High Potential Development Program

The High Potential Development Program is Northwell’s internal talent pipeline, allowing the organization to identify, develop and promote its most promising performers. As aspiring leaders, these individuals bring passion and desire to the program as CLI helps them develop skills in alignment with the health system’s organizational goals.

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