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About us

Since 1965, we have been offering a program designed to help college students decide whether a career in medicine is right for them. This selective program has evolved into a joint program between Northwell Health and the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, offering an exposure into the complexity of medical care and medical education today. This renowned program offers a four-week exposure to a "mini" medical school highlighting our innovative problem-based PEARLS sessions, medical care in the facilities of Northwell Health, and the people who make such care possible.

During the program, students participate in Problem Based Learning-PEARLS sessions at the School of Medicine as the anchor for their exposures. Interactive experiences at the facilities of the health system allow the students to witness and be part of the healthcare team. The complexities of health care and the team dynamics necessary to provide optimal outcomes are highlighted as the students live the process.

The attendees rotate through hospital services such as the operating room, emergency department, radiology, geriatrics, laboratory/pathology, psychiatry, general medical surgical care, intensive care units, rehabilitation services, wound care, nursing, and administration. Complementing the medical school sessions and clinical medical exposures are daily seminars offered by representative physicians during which insights into their fields and their reasons for choosing their professional pursuits are highlighted. Elective exposures to our pediatric hospital, Anatomical Pathology Services, and Center for Learning and Innovation are offered. At the close of the program, the students present their observations to their peers and faculty in a problem-based format. This presentation leads to a closing opportunity to consolidate thoughts regarding the experience.

The students completing the program often remark about the pivotal importance of this exposure in their future decision making and career plans.

Application process

Applicants interested in the pre-medicine training program at Long Island Jewish Valley Stream should download the application and submit it to Jack Rubenstein, MD, FACP, by March 15. This program is for college sophomores, juniors and seniors only. Applications must also include an official, up-to-date school transcript and a letter of recommendation.

Program director

Jack Myron Rubenstein, MD

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Geriatric Medicine